Sunday, 17 February 2008

Send for me

Date: 13/03/2006 11:45pm

When this life seems a dead end
‘What’s going on’ you cannot comprehend
When you are blown in a dead wind
Find yourself hanging on a shivering string
When morn seems beginning of dark
And the dusk is a frightful lonely park
Full of people frolicking around
And unwilling you feel the ground
The smooth blades pin you in
And you are wandering within
When even mirror deceives you
And only pain is left in you
When even your shadows are gone
And you are all all alone
Send for me O dear
I’ll come with the heart I bear.

Prom and all about it...

Prom is a huge thing for the college goers and after prom is huger!!
I am writing this because, a junior of mine, whom i admire, not because how he seems or looks like but what he is at heart told me to look at his blog, and i found something on prom there.

read the above link and then come back to read further, it isn't that tough, take my word :)

Now as you have read his views i can build up on mine (on them). A peculiar prom recipe starts with the hunt of a suitable partner that you can flaunt (even though u may not like him/her as a person, who cares). After you have your partner you go back come dressed and perhaps drunk to the college and dance in close.

As already said after prom is bigger than prom itself (you know why?). You switch partners, u swtich anything just to get into a disk and roll your body with wine and music. You want (as a male) to get your partner more drunk and so, perhaps more cosy! well nothing's wrong ;) in it but that it's for one night only. I personally feel, no one can get you drunk, unless you want. So all the ladies out there dont mumble afterwards. Let the party Begin!

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Child and Man

If you have patience to read this long poetry (Longest i have ever written in english) go on. its very close to me as this has my personal feelings.

Date: 23/02/2006 to 20/04/2006

A thin small feeble lad,
was looking utterly sad.
sitting in a garden, on a wooden bench
was uttering something in foreign, French?

I went near,
And asked him
“What’s it dear?”
But he remained dim.
My hands brushed his curly hair,
and I saw his feminine face,
was eager at my stare.
I said packing all my grace,
“What is it with you, buddy
got beaten up for study?
Or have you lost your game.
Ok then, just tell me your name.”

The boy looked up the Sun
But still remained mum
I did brush his hair again,
then the child cried with pain,
“I want to be big like you
and do things that you do.
I too want to roam arroun(d),
with no one at home to frown
I want to buy lots of chocolates,
and play all day long with my mates
and yes I want the spidey dress on show
and of course that powerful flashy bow.
Oh yes I want to grow
And do things they say a ‘no’.”

In just a breath he said all this
And I was nostalgic without a miss
‘What was me when I was small?
And what am I when I am so tall?’

‘As a child, I had no boundries
To my thoughts and nude fancies
I knew to cry and smile
I thought about me all the while
I was selfish, as him, all through
Even then, as him, I was true
I was true to ask for something sweet,
While someone begged just for wheat.
I lied at evry chance I got through
Even then I was true
I was always true to me
As I didn’t know, how, it should be
I thought I should grow
To the world I would show…

I am now, no more to grow.
I have now nothing to show,
For I still have no visible boundries
But have breaks on thoughts, nude fancies.
Want to laugh, cannot smile
Outside tougher, inside fragile
When I want to cry myself out
Have to stand, and that to stout
I was selfish, yet am much how
Not even true to me, now
I still close my eyes on street
when someone comes begging wheat.
I lie to everyone, including me
For now, I know, how it should be.
I think now, oh why did I grow
if I was to be a black blind crow.’

The thought train went away
And to boy, I did say,
Packing again all my grace,
A false smile on a faker face
“Oh buddy
Don’t worry.
Just give a smile
And wait a while.
You will grow,
And the world will know.”

The child gave a smile
Was it me or just time
But I had no time to be yonder
And walked away with much to ponder
My heavy heart asking me
And I saying, “Let it be
till the happy tomorrow comes,
for which I wanted to grow at once.”
I gave another falsest smile
and without waiting a while,
I repeated it to me,
“For now, Let it be.”

तुम हो प्रिय

Date: 12/02/2008

This poetry is dedicated to very feeling called love. I wanted to post this a few days earlier, but its always the day for this feeling :). Happy reading, Lovers (yes! there's a lover in you)

रात तू मेरे जेहन में फिर आई , ख्वाब टुटा, तू सामने आई.
जी चाहा न रोकूँ इन कदमों को, जो तेरे करीब ले आते हैं.
जी चाहा जकड लूँ तुझे इन गुस्ताख बाँहों में.
जी चाहा छू लूँ , लबों से, तेरे हर एक एहसास को.
जी चाहा कह दूँ तुझे, तुम हो प्रिय .

चाहूँ हर एक बयार छुए मेरे मुख को तेरे केशों से छनकर .
चाहूँ हर एक मुस्कान मेरी उभरे तेरे ही लब पर .
चाहूँ हर एक छुअन मेरी तेरा रोम-रोम अंगराए।
चाहूँ तू मेरी, बस मेरी बन रह जाए