Sunday, 9 December 2007

Love and Fear

Love is the root of all fear…
When you not love anyone,
When there is nothing far too dear,
When nothing matters nor moon nor sun
You then bear no fear,
Loss of fear is is not all that’s done…
You become far from life and not near...
Fear from self and the one
This is what makes us dear

I wrote this poetry just for a response to a thread and somehow i think it came out good.

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LoSt I aM

Some say angel,
Some say divine,
I just say its you....

Life moves, memories stay…
Some stop, some move...

i move.. but am still there.
Locked in your charming thoughts…
Felt deep within...
I am lost... Lost I am...

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hoping for ur responses..

Saturday, 1 December 2007

I dream a world where I am not me

date: 23 nov 2007

I dream a world where I am not me
and you are not you to be,
I say no countries,
no to boundries,
All of us free,
yet being others' key..
No religion didnt i say
nobody being a prey,
Open lands,
Open minds,
Thoughts flowing through the wine,
and hey nothing yours and nothin mine
I dream a world where I m not me..
and you are not you to be

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first poetry

I write this poetry first because this what i aim to do all my life... well i have title for this but tell me if you guessed, i wrote about him...

Date: From 14/05/06 to 23/05/06

He ran away swiftly, at his pace
Without any twitch, on his dead face.
I realized and ran after him
He was ahead, my prospects dim
Still with my heart I ran after
Sometimes shouted and did squatter
He but kept running, with all grace
Without any fatigue, on his dead face.
I wanted to chase and grab his collar
But perhaps for me he was far too taller
Running, I felt sometimes happy sometimes sad
Sometimes I felt chirpy and sometimes bad
But he ran swiftly at his own pace
Without any sighs, on his dead face.
Meanwhile I saw, I was the only one
But just among each and everyone.
Poor, rich and the richest of face
All behind him in the eternal chase
But he went on, with all his pace
Without any care, on his dead face
I looked for a motel, if I could get one
Alas I found, on this road there was none
Then I wanted to go back, from where I came
But saw nothing behind, a one way lane.
I saw him run, with all his grace
Without any turning of his dead face.

Then someone came and asked, not to stand
Because running is our future, not a magic wand
Left with the Hobson’s choice, one or none
I agree for every now and I simply run
And he runs swiftly, at his pace
Without any twitch, on his dead face.

Title: TIME

The first words...

Hi everyone!

I am starting my blog today and with this post want to leave a solid impression on you so that it presses you to visit it again!! Honestly, i also dont know as to how will i impress you (in this introductory lonesome article), through my vocabulary, my writing style or plainly my thoughts.
So what i simply do, is just tell you what to expect here..

I wish to post all my poetries here and all my thoughts (which i will try to make as true as possible) you will ,here ,read my ideas and reasons and logics. I wish to write all that happens to me, all my experience, all about the world i live in, all about the world i percieve and comprehend.

I hope i could do all i wish, i could be regular and i could impress you in future.

PLEASE keep reading!!!