Sunday, 20 October 2013

Dead man walking

Winds are heavy and dark
My soul is cold and stark
My banners all wet from snow
But the dead man is walking

Chills piercing through the bark
Rigid roots to board the Ark
My intrepid love is all i vow
So the dead man is walking.

Living is without any lark
Death is without any mark
My arrow is out of the bow
And the dead man is walking.

Self loathing

They said I was craven
They said I was weak
Probably they are true
Success did you ever brew.

Small things lil by lil
Failures compounding ill
Now I am far
An empty jar.

Difference vast like oceans
Lack of any naive notions
Without my only merry maid
A princess' dreams you can't  wade.

Race it was and hare rightly won
Walking tortoise is all but gone
Ain't it only true and just
Loose you should and must.

Should you make all gone even
But you are odd and there is even
Likes adhere, opposites repel
And you must go drown in well.


Thoughts leave me blank
No one guards my flank
I am midst of a battle
I can but not even rattle.

Words leave me mute
No tunes in my lute
I am in front  of Clay
For me I can't even pray.

Life leaves me dead
No hope it is said
I am in front of destiny
How I can but contain infinity.

What to write

I wonder what to write now. My thoughts have become dark. I could write of hope if I had any, of truth if it was of worth, of despair if it had a limit. Of prayers if I owned any. Of devil if I could fight my own. I know nothing.

What do you do when you do not know who you are.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013

एक ख़ाब सा है

Date: 26 - 29 Jan 2013

वो एक ख़ाब  सा है
जो देखा है।
वो खेतों में लहलहाती
इठलाती धानों सा है।
वो बर्फ़ भरे पहाड़ों में
चिड़ियाँ की ची ची की
गर्माहट सा है।
वो एक ख़ाब  सा है
जो देखा है।

जो मिलो कहीं
जो मिलो कभी
एक तसवीर साथ लाना
देखूँ मेरा ख़ाब कैसा है
वो एक ख़ाब  सा है
जो मैंने  देखा है।