Saturday, 7 June 2008

On Your birthday

I wish you a very warm and unprecedented birthday.
I wrote this just after Akanksha's b'day, i thought what would i gift you ?
For you.
With all my love.

On Your Birthday

Date: 23/04/2008

On your birthday
I want to gift
Something that you say
Gives you joy in mist

I decided to gift you stars
That sparkles everyday of yours
But humble human origin I have

I thought to give you diamonds
A girl's best friend they say
But poor money I have none

I decided to gift you flowers
That your life smells sweet
But it loses its fragrance still

I thought to give you laughter
It makes you look so pretty
But, dull and uninteresting I am

I decided to gift you Care
That you are always safe
But god, I am so reckless

I thought to give you love
That always you would cherish
But I know not that art divine

I decided to gift you blessings
That guards you against troubles
But, too too small I am, I can’t

So I give you my prayer
That God give you strength
To do what you feel is right
And may God show you the way
Of path that sure be right
May God always be with you
And so be your lovely smile.